San Jose based band relativeKey although new to the Bay Area Live Band Scene, is made up of seasoned musicians and vocalists. All of the members started their musical journey at very young ages and all have had their share of performing on the same stage along with many industry legends.

The special ingredient that catches the attention of anyone fortunate enough to be at one of their performances, is their undeniable passion for their art. Their positive vibe and unconditional bond is infectious and quickly uplifts your spirit as the music and vocal harmonies reach in deep and embrace your soul.

The band is incredibly versatile – effortlessly performing cover songs from multiple genres and decades. They can keep it grooving with some 80’s & 90’s R&B/Funk and then explode with guitar wrenching Rock from the Hair Band days. Their ability to also play the most current chart topping hits solidifies this band’s ability to appeal to all flavors of musical taste buds!